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I’m so glad you’re here to share the experience I’ve had with Mark Romero Music.  We already know that the weight of this world can wear you down over time, that in order to be happy, healthy , and living the life we’re intended to. The Universe and the Spirit are giving us an ABUNDANCE of never ending blessings, but sometimes we need to do some “maintenance” on our connection to this powerful force of generosity and love to keep things continually flowing.

Imagine your connection to this amazing Spirit of generosity, blessing, and prosperity is like a phone connection. Uninhibited, you can hear the other end with crystal clear sound, and communication is effortless. Sometimes though, (and we’ve all had one or two of these!) the connection has interference, static, or even is so messed up it cuts out all together. That’s frustrating, isn’t it?

Our state of being is just like that!

Everyday problems, worries, and obligations put fear, anxiety, and doubt into our subconscious. Slowly these shelved feelings build up and create a barrier for that divine communication between us and the Spirit. We have problems seeing the positive side of things, we get bogged down in worry, and things seem to not go our way. The “breaks” get fewer and fewer. The time spent working gets longer. Prosperity gets pushed aside.


We can change our paradigms and with some mindful effort, get back into that stream of communication with the Spirit, and see all of those blessings and prosperity come back into our lives! Plenty will be your new word to describe every area of your life. You will not worry about what comes next or where something will come from, because it just will.

I believe we can work to clear out that negative energy and begin our journey down this road to abundance by listening to Mark Romero Music. Mark is a truly gifted musician and spiritual healer.

His music works INSTANTLY to transform your environment into one that supports expanded awareness, mental clarity, radiant good health, and optimized energy.

Find out more about Mark and his music here:

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Here’s a brief intro to Mark and  what’s behind his music:

Through Mark’s powerful music programs you and your family will be able to create the optimal vibration needed for success and wellness in all areas of your life. Simply by listening to his beautiful music!

Some of the benefits people experience from listening to his music:

  • Protection from the negative  effects of electromagnetic fields (EMFs)
  • Heightened creativity, intuition and sixth sense
  • Dramatic stress reduction
  • Renewed balance and harmony in your environment
  • Renewed health, wellness, and vitality to your body
  • Elimination of anxiety and expansion for the capacity of joy in your life


Here is a brief background about how Mark got started on his journey to helping people with his music:

Mark Romero Music


From Mark’s Website (click link below to visit)

Click Here To Go To The Official Mark Romero Music Website

I was once invited to a lecture where Dr. Ronald Jones was demonstrating how the things we use everyday were interrupting our personal energy, and causing tremendous stress, compromised physical energy, lower levels of health, and compromised brain functions.

Through demonstrations utilizing strength testing, muscle testing, range-of-motion, and applied kinesiology, I witnessed how these things such as cell phones, laptops, computers, and common chemicals were actually compromising our energy and making us weaker.

Mark Romero Musci


Halfway through their demonstrations, Dr. Jones asked me to come on and play some music. What happened next… changed my life forever. As soon as I began to play, I saw the audience’s physical energy instantly shift right before my eyes! Participants who were once weak from these interrupters were now instantly stronger and no longer affected when exposed to the same negative influences.

I went home not sure what I had experienced. I had no prior knowledge of quantum physics or looked at my own world beyond my physical senses.

A few weeks later, Dr. Jones called to inform me that they had completed a preliminary study of my music and found that it contained frequencies within it that actually null-and-voided the negative effects of these energy interrupters.

Dr. Jones explained that when a person’s energy is optimized, and they are brought in harmony with this field of energy. They experienced an instant increase in strength, flexibility, endurance, coordination, and balance.

Through EEG brain mapping, they demonstrated how the music shifted brainwave functions into a state identified with athletes as the peak performance zone. Most importantly, the body and brain maintained this higher state when being exposed to energy interrupters.

Dr. Jones explained that my music was a powerful tool that people could easily utilize to lift themselves above the static and noise caused by these negative interrupters, instantly reduce stress, improve their health and wellness, and open themselves to new levels of brain function and consciousness.

From this discovery, I launched, and began providing music products and services to help people reduce the negative impact of energy interrupters.

Here’s what a former top-consultant to NASA said about Mark’s music:

“Mark’s music is what we call organizing music. When we look at what Mark’s music does to the physical body, we see an increase in flexibility, strength, coordination, endurance and balance. The music also keeps people in a coherent state when exposed to Electro Magnetic Fields from cell phones and other electronic devices.”

– Dr. Ronald Jones, Ph.D.- Former Top-Ranking Consultant to NASA


Your call to action:

Please visit Mark Romero’s website to find out more about how this amazing and beautiful music can Mark Romero MusicCHANGE YOUR LIFE as it’s CHANGED OURS.


Click Here To Go To The Official Mark Romero Music Website

My Personal Experiences with Mark’s Music

Every day my husband Robert and I listen to Mark’s music when we’re working in our office, driving to run errands, or when we first wake up in the morning.  Since adding this music into our daily lives, we’ve noticed HUGE changes in attitude, mental focus, and in our prosperity.  We’ve become more clam and centered in all aspects of life.  We’re finding more peace in times of stress, and speaking of that, a HUGE reduction on our stress overall.

We’ve done some research about the power of “strings” in music.

I’m passionate about Mark’s gift.  I know that there’s something not of this world  and our understanding coming through it.  It’s a powerful tool in getting your life and life energy aligned with your callings in life.

I would not hesitate to recommend that you try listening to Mark’s music for yourself!  To get you started, there’s a FREE GUIDED STRESS REDUCING MEDITATION WITH MARK  link in the sidebar of this page.  Feel his positive energy and kindness for yourself today!


Thank you my friends, and be well!  Feel free to contact me with any questions, I’m happy to hear from you!

Have a wonderful day!

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